When I was a kid I use to think that Sahara desert is in India. All I know is the name Sahara on Indian cricket team jersey. As a kid logic was simple, why will it be on the jersey if Sahara desert is not in India?

 I honestly believed in my logic and when I came to know the fact, I started thinking about the world.

 Where is Sahara desert?


 What’s the name of desert in India?


 Why is the name Sahara on the jersey?

My teacher said, “it’s complicated you will understand it when you grow old.

 I use to be a curious kid; I’m still a curious person. I always tried to know about things, one thing lead to another and then to another. As for now, my curiosity made me an engineer, film maker and now doing MJ&MC.

Above all I always found joy in my curiosity; the world is running crazy in one direction and me running crazy in my own direction.

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